Jeera Kashayam

When we overeat at parties/weddings or sometimes even at home resulting in a heavy/bloated tummy, Jeera Kashayam (Kaada) is the perfect solution. This kashayam is very easy to make, requires very less ingredients and most of all offers good relief. The kashayam can be taken on a daily basis also since it aids in easy digestion.

Ingredients: (Translation)

4-5 spoons Cumin Seeds
Jaggery- 1-2 teaspoons
(Makes 1 glass kashayam)

Roast the jeera in a saucepan on slow heat. You will hear crackling sounds, that is normal. Ensure that all the contents get roasted evenly. The seeds must not fully blacken and not be raw at the same time. The aroma given out will aid in recognising that the jeera is roasted.

At this stage, add about 1.5 glasses of water and allow it to come to a boil. Crush jaggery with your fingers/cut into small pieces with a knife and add it to the boiling water. Use a spoon to mix the contents.
Now, add about a quarter cup of milk (depending on your taste). Some people prefer to have the kashayam without milk. Let the milk come to a boil, then put off the gas and filter the kashayam. All jeera seeds will remain in the filter. The resultant kashayam is pictured below.

P.S: The colour of the kashayam may change depending on the colour of jaggery used. Sugar can also be substituted for jaggery. The main purpose of adding jaggery is for flavour.
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Happy cook said...

You are right this keshayam is really excelent, my mom does this, but i am not sure if she adds milk in it. It could be she does add but it is ages ago i have seen her making this

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