Choco-Coconut Burfi

Recipe courtesy: My aunty

Aunty had come home with a box full of these burfis. The recipe is quite simple and the chocolate flavour adds a dash to the burfi.


Scraped Fresh Coconut- 1 cup
Sugar -1 to 1.5 cups as per individual taste
Elaichi powder- a bit
Nuts (Cashew, pista and badam)
Cocoa powder- 1-2 teaspoon

In a kadai, melt the sugar with sufficient water to get a one-string consistency syrup. Then add the coconut scrapings and stir slowly in one direction. Add the elaichi powder. Mix well with the syrup, add cocoa powder and nuts. Stir till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the vessel and then empty the contents onto a plate smeared with ghee. Allow the mixture to cool a bit and then cut into desired shapes.

P.S: Another variation in this sweet is by using mango pulp and adding it alongwith the coconut scrapings to the sugar syrup.

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Happy cook said...

wow chocolate burfi. That sounds promising.

Pooja V said...

This sounds vry interesting..choclate n coccunt barfi. sure must hv been a delight to eat it.

Jayashree said...

Sounds like a super easy to make and delicious treat. Thank you for sharing.

easycrafts said...

Thanks Happy cook, Pooja and Jayashree for the comments.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Droolworthy burfis! First time here nice collection of recipes here!

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