Super blogger sunday: Divya of Dil se

This week's featured blogger is Divya from Dil se blog. With more than 250 mouthwatering recipes, beautiful pictures, some very popular events, Divya has been successfully blogging for almost 2 years now.

EC: Tell us something about yourself ..

Divya: I have been into food blogging since January 2008. Hailing from South India, my mom is my first inspiration. Initially I cooked only South Indian dishes. But the blog world introduced me into other cuisines of India and also cuisines from all over the world. I slowly ventured into global cuisine and baking and cooking has turned out to be my favorite pastime.

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EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ??

Divya: Frankly, I have never entered the kitchen before marriage. After coming to the US, I was a newbie to cooking. Whenever I googled for recipes, i came across many blogs which helped me learn a lot in cooking. After a few months, I thought why not blog all my cooking experiences. My husband is my best critic and he was the one who encouraged me to start a blog. And that was how Dil Se.. was born!

EC: There are more than 250 recipes on your blog..what are your sources and do you cook specially for the blog ?

Divya: Initially when I was not studying, I had ample time to experiment and cook new dishes. I used to experiment many new dishes and post frequently. I got a lot of new friends through blogging. I try new recipes which allure to me immediately. I do not cook anything specially for my blog. I just post my favorite recipes. Now that I am into studying, i hardly find time to cook and blog. But I still try to post once in a while.

EC: You have been baking some goodies too..any tips related to baking

Divya: Baking is something which I love a lot. I try to bake something at least once a week. I try to make my own bread and cakes after I came to know how unhealthy and sugar loaded the ones in the bakeries are. Baking also gives a sense of satisfaction and relaxation to me. I just love to bake muffins!

EC: Have your recipes been copied anywhere without your permission..How would you deal with plagiarism ??

Divya: Yes my recipes and photos were copied a couple of times. Initially I was frustrated regarding the issue. But later due to the support from my blogger friends i was able to overcome that issue. It is really hard when someone copies your hard work and time. Watermarking photos is something which one can do to prevent copying.

EC: What is the one dish that you have been waiting to try out and something that you might never try

Divya: I have always wanted to try my hand decorating and frosting cakes. Though i frost my cakes, i am really looking forward to learn some professional frosting ways. There is nothing which I might never try.

EC: Your signature dish that is a hot favourite among your guests

Divya: Vegetable and egg puffs is something which has always been liked by my guests. My guests also have loved my zebra cake.

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe


Priya said...

Glad to know more about Divya..keep rocking divya..

SE(Denufood) said...

hi divya...good to know about you..

lata raja said...

Congratulations to Divya! Well identified EC. My hats off to you.

meeso said...

Nice to read more about Divya :)

Cilantro said...

Good to know more about Dil Se and Dhivya. thank You EC

Dolly said...

Good to read about Divya from Dil se. I've been to her blog and she does have a wonderful collection of recipes. I'm amazed that in a matter of 2 years she has posted 250 recipes. Thats remarkable.

jayasree said...

Nice to know more about Dhivya.

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