Super Blogger Sunday: Cham of Spice-club

This week the featured blogger is the very popular Cham from Spice club. With more than 150 recipes involving many cuisines, fusion recipes and a special segment for dummies, Cham adopts a very simple style of writing with eye-catching photographs...

EC: Tell us something about your blog

Cham: Thanks For EC to give me an opportunity to talk about my blog and hope you enjoy! Spice-Club will turn TWO this Dec 09. Obviously, my little family is obsessed about spices. I didn’t give much thought, that was spontaneous to name my small space: Spice-Club (Actually I looked without hyphen but was not available!)
I created for fun and even kept private (just shared with my family members and friends and lasted just 15 days). Later, I decided to make it public, pretty glad that I did it. I got some good friends, met few bloggers, and learnt / tried lots of recipes!

EC: Do you cook specially for the blog?

Cham: I would be a liar if I say No! Time to time, I cook especially for the blog event, most of the time appreciated by my family!

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ?? Any specific food blogs that inspired you?

Cham: Well, when I started none inspired but later visiting many food blogs, I started to shape up many curves!

Blogger is quiet interactive platform. Comments and appreciations are the great booster! That will help you a lot to continue with spirit!

Asha and Happy Cook are the role model for encouraging and most often leaving their first appreciations in every post! Do they inspire you to do the same in others posts!

In food photography: I was stunned seeing Jai and Bee pictures. Many times, I ask myself how an ordinary thing could look so tastier! They gave lots of inspirations!

Thanks to other bloggers who visit and leave a sweet note - Everyone is unique!

EC: Your post against plagiarism and ways to protect our posts from spammers was too good. Have you been ever a victim of plagiarism ? Anything more if you wish to share relating to this

Cham: First thanks to appreciate a non-food post. Plagiarism a word that everyone should / must know!

I have been victim too but didn’t talk in my blog about it. My blog post picture was been published / printed in one of the famous monthly (tamil) magazine without my permission under different user name. The person cut my bottom copyright message (quiet old picture) added her recipe (was not mine). I was on vacation in India at that time. Didn’t do anything because of timing.

There is no absolute way to protect your content on the web.

As a precaution, I went a step further down. I implemented in some of my recent picture a layering method; people can still download but only my blog background! And track what the visitor does on my site! Now, I feel maintaining a blog is quiet a hassle!

If the thief is technical geek, he/ she can easily know from where to pick the image! I assume they only know how to right click or cut and paste!

I will be posting soon the layering technique and few other tips if that might help others!

EC: You have a seperate section for dummies..Which is the first dish that you would suggest for a newbie in cooking to try from your blog.

Cham: If you are a Non-Indian: Refer first to the visual ingredients lists first, before picking any recipes. Indian cooking involves many special spices!

If you are familiar with Indian cuisine: It all depends upon your taste buds and what you have in hands / pantry! My dummies section has plenty of recipes! The choice is always yours!

EC: You have tried out a lot of international recipes too- what do you think is the main difference in the style of cooking between Indian and International dishes

We don’t need to go far to compare the style of Indian cuisine:

Indian cuisine is globally vision as Vegetarianism - the style and cuisines differ from Region to Region! There are many Regional Indian cuisines, owning their own style and difference!

Each cuisine reflects their own culture/region, custom and the religion belief! When you like a recipe, adapt the recipe at your taste or life style!

Many think Indian cooking is complicated, spicy, and not suitable for their taste buds. Nope, you might be wrong!

Go ease with spice level if you are not used with spice.
Adapt a recipe to your taste buds and play with ingredients.

Look out my fusion of international and Indian recipes:
Nannini: panini but made with naan
Spicy sandwich: a bland sandwich turned into spicy stuff.
Desi Mac and cheese: a classic American dish infused by Garam Masala!

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Cham: My family favorite recipe: Bise bele bhath!


Happy cook said...

Cham thanks for the kind word, but these day i seems to be the last one to get to your blog mostly on thursday as i know you post on wenesday.
I too agree ppl thinking indian food is complicated and spicy , i just add less chillies if i am cooking for a guest who is not used to spicy food, but never add less aromatice spices.

meeso said...

Great to see Cham's interview :)

lata raja said...

Congratulations to Cham. You have both covered a lot of info thro' this interview. Very useful to all of us.

Sailaja Damodaran said...

nice to know more about u....

Cham said...

Thanks EC once again! Hope all ur readers enjoyed my interview!

Ramya Bala said...

love chams spice club n happy see her here in ur column :)

jayasree said...

Nice to read Cham's interview. It made an interesting read.

Curry Leaf said...

Great Post Cham and EC.It was nice to read about you Cham.Love your idea of SBS,EC.

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