WYF: Cook book/Recipe book

This month's theme for What's your favourite event series is Cook book/Recipe books. You must be aware of one of our blogs which we have dedicated mainly to "Help on blogging" for new bloggers and "Reviews on cook books" for giving a quick view on different cook books for those intending to purchase some. This month I invite you all to send me your reviews on the cook books you own..

# Please include the following in your post

1. A picture of the front cover of the book in your post
2. Mention the author and publisher name
3. The recipe categories
4. Why you would recommend the book
5. Which level- Beginner/ Medium/ Difficult

# No restrictions this month on the number of entries.

# Vegetarian recipe book reviews are preferable or atleast vegetarian recipes should constitute a major part of the book

# The complete review with the photograph of the book would be published under the "Cookbook Review" label of the blog.

# Please add a link to the "Cookbook Review" label as well as event announcement in your post.

# It would be highly appreciated if you could add the logo in your post and also if possible, somewhere in your blog to spread the word

# Please mail me your name, a picture and link to the post at easycrafts@gmail.com

Although reading all these might make it appear complicated, it would be exactly a five minute job of taking a picture, writing down a few words about the books and providing a link. Hope you all come up with reviews for all the cookbooks you have.

Waiting to see the books that inspire you in cooking up delicious food for your family..


Divya Vikram said...

Nice event!

rekhas kitchen said...

nice event will try to send some soon

Prathibha said...

Good one....will get some nice info abt the cook books..

notyet100 said...

will sure chip in,..:-)

Happy cook said...

So we dodn't hae to cook anything from the book which we talk about?
Well i have loads of book, will sure send you something.

Trupti said...

lovely theme EC

Usha said...

Sounds like a fun event !

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow thats a great event and sounds fun too!!!

Parita said...

Thats fantastic event EC..I am eagerly waiting for the roundup!!!

renuka said...

count me in

jayasree said...

This seems to be a fun event. No need of any cooking.. Shall try to participate. Will wait for the roundup

Anonymous said...

Nice event. will send u my favorite.

Pavithra said...

Nice event will do it soon

Roma said...

This is a great idea. Sure, we can get to know a lot about good books in the market through the round-up.

Kalyani said...

nice event EC .. will send my fav.

Malaysian Delicacies said...

Thx for informing.Yes will send my fav .

Shri said...

First off:It is such an inspiration to go thru your blog,esp for some one who is new to blogging.Also,Is a Desserts cookbook considered a vegetarian one?Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!!

You can visit my blog at tastytouch.blogspot.com

Shri said...

Thanks much for leaving your comment on my blog..Appreciate it!!:)

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