Dal Palak Paratha

This is a leftover special dish.


Leftover dal palak (recipe for dal palak here)
Salt to taste
Wheat flour
2 tsp rice flour

Make a thin paste of rice flour and add it to the dal palak. Cook on low flame to make the dal thicker. Once it gets thick, switch off the gas and let it cool.

Add a little more salt to it as required for the flour. Keep adding little by little flour to the dal to make it into a dough with consistency as for rotis.

Roll out into thick parathas and cook on hot tava with oil/ghee till brown spots appear on both sides.

Serve hot.

Sending this over to the Original recipes event hosted by Culinarty blog.

Priya of 365 days of Pure Vegetarian blog considers me worth the Inspiration Award..Thanks a ton

I would like to pass on this award to the first few bloggers whom I met among food bloggers..

Happy Cook

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notyet100 said...

nice one for the event...nd healthy too,..

Asha said...

Thanks EC, I will accept.Hope you had a good weekend, we almost completed the second bathroom, still got loads of work to do. Dal roti looks yum, enjoy!:))

Shilpa said...

Thanks a lot for the award EC. I appreciate it a lot. I make these parathas too...they are yumm...

Shreya said...

Dal Palak paratha is yum. I too make it when I have leftover Dal or Dal Palak:-)


dal roti looks soo yummy .. easy to make healthy roti

Lore said...

I'm craving parathas for quite a while now..will have to make some and not just drool over delicious pics like yours :)
Thanks for participating and see you at the round-up!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

That was a perfect feast. Looks so good. YUM! Love the combo. So appetizing....

Usha said...

Looks delicious :) There is a surprise for you at my blog,please check it out

Suma Rajesh said...

looks wonderful with the left over dal palak..amazing....

sowmya said...

look delicious..i usually dont have left overs, but i am going to deliberately make some extra next time..

Archana said...

hey, thanks so much for the award. I am touched.

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