Vegetable Malai Masala

This delicious side dish recipe is adapted from Sagari's version at Indian Cooking


1 cup boiled potatoes cut into cubes
1 cup cooked peas
1 cup paneer cut into cubes
1/2 cup carrots cut into cubes
2 tbsp cream
2 tbsp butter
Salt to taste

For the gravy-

2 tsp oil
2 tomatoes chopped
1 tsp ginger paste
2 cardamoms
1/2 cup cashews
2 green chillies
1 tsp garam masala
2 tsp kasuri methi

Heat oil,and add paneer cubes. Fry them and keep aside.

Heat 1 more tsp of oil and add the ginger, green chillies, cardamom, tomatoes and cook covered for 2 minutes.Then add the rest of the gravy ingredients and cook for 2 minutes. Allow it to cool and grind it to a smooth paste.

Mix the cooked vegetables, paneer and gravy paste well and add some water to get more gravy. Add salt, butter and cream and cook for five minutes till the gravy gets thick.

Serve with hot rice/rotis.

This goes to Madhuram's Your recipe rocks event.
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notyet100 said...

looks delicious,..nice one for the event

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

that looks delicious...the color of the gravy is very appetizing!

Ramya Bala said...

Looks delcious and a great entry

Shubha said...

easy did u contact that guy?? did u get any reply?? I am on a vacation now.... so cudnt contact u earlier.... did u see any progress.?

Madhuram said...

That's one easy to make healthy side dish. Thank you very much for sending it for the event. Could you also send the link to picture in 125x125 pixel size?

Cham said...

look like veg soup... delicous and yummy :)

rekhas kitchen said...

creamy mouth watering recipe looks so yummy

Anonymous said...

Very nice

easycrafts said...

Thanks notyet100, JZ, Ramyabala, Cham, Rekhaskitchen and anonymous

@, I couldnt contact and google mailed back to follow some US based procedures for it...thinking what to do next

@Madhuram...Thanks, will send it over

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