Super blogger sunday: Madhuram of Eggless Cooking

Meet Madhuram from Eggless Cooking blog this week in the Super blogger sunday series. Her blog is one of the best blogs dedicated to eggless recipes. There is also important information related to egg substitutes, vegan recipes, healthy baking and so on..The amazing collection of recipes is a treat to every reader's eyes..go ahead and read more about Madhuram and her blog.

EC: Tell us something about yourself. Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ?

Madhuram: My blog will turn 2 in another 3 months. Wow! I can't believe it myself. It all started like an hobby but it's more than that now. I got interested in baking after watching all the Food TV shows religiously. Being a vegetarian I was not comfortable bringing eggs home (though we eat store bought baked goods made with eggs). So I started looking for egg free baking recipes and stumbled upon Indira's Banana-Carrot Cake recipe. That was the first egg free baking recipe I ever tried and it came out very well. It was so good that I used to avoid eating bananas and let them over-ripe purposely just to make the cake. Then I started visiting blogs from her blog list and came across a lot of eggless baking recipes in those blogs too. I began to bookmark them and the list was getting out of control and that's when I told my husband that I too wanted to start a blog just to create a directory of eggless baking recipes. At that time I didn't even have the slightest clue that I would be baking so much. The idea behind my blog was just to put all the links under one roof.

Before blogging became an inevitable part of my life, I have often wondered what was I doing with my life. I was of course happily married and a stay at home mom of a toddler son. Often times I felt that I was wasting my time, I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what "that something" was. Now after a year and 9 months later, with my husband's tremendous technical and moral support, my blogging friends' and visitors' encouragment and appreciation I'm very happy that I'm doing something worthwhile.

EC: The garnishing on ur cakes are wonderful..can u share some tips on it

Madhuram: I too am a novice. I have always had interest in cake decorating but until recently I did not get the chance to join the Wilton's Cake Decorating courses. It's a 4 part series covering the basics to some extent of advanced cake decorating techniques. There are a lot of videos on YouTube for cake decorating, but I would definitely suggest taking the course. It is really very helpful.

EC: Have your recipes been copied anywhere without your permission..How would you deal with plagiarism ??

Madhuram: Yes a couple of times. It was not by fellow bloggers but by these crooked/smart people who sort of got RSS feeds from my blog and updated theirs with my content as and when I posted. My husband took care of it by calling our web host and blocked their IP address.

EC: What are your sources for recipes ? Do you follow them as given or make changes to suit your taste buds?

Madhuram: Initially I was following baking recipes (from books/websites) to the T. I always mention the source of the recipe if it is not mine. Now with little experience I'm making a lot of changes and substitutions to the original recipe and sometimes come up with baking recipes of my own.

EC: If you were to suggest one of your recipes for a first time baker, which would it be and why ?

Madhuram: I'm having a hard time to choose between these 2 because both are very easy to bake and very tasty too.

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe


kamala said...

Thank you EC for a lovely interview about the Baking queen Madhuram. I loved most of her egg less baking recipes.

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Good Luck to Madhuram and all her blogging endeavors. She is really something. I love her recipes a lotttt! Awesome recipes, great shots and elaborate explanations. Her recipes are all "Hearty and Honest".

hv jn4 rnfvju hn fjmv nvtrngjv cftmgkivj mt said...

EC, thank you very much for featuring me in this series. It is an interesting experience.

Dori said...

As always, nice to read about another blogger :)

Parita said...

Another grt post EC, thanks for doing an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Great interview..lovely to know more on fellow bloggers!

Priya Suresh said...

EC & Madhu u both rocks!!love madhu's blogs very much..

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