Super blogger sunday: PJ of Seduce your tastebuds

This week's featured blogger is Padmajha Suresh from Seduce your tastebuds. She is one who loves to cook and experiment new dishes. She has an amazing collection of vegan recipes too..Read more about her

EC: Tell us something about yourself

PJ: Hi EC !Thanks for this wonderful opportunity…

Basically I am a dietitian and a health educator but for now a home maker.

My blog-Seduce your tastebuds, is just about to celebrate its second birthday in a couple of months. I conceived the plan for a blog six months earlier to starting it ,did the ground work and published my first post on January 1st 2008.

When it came to selecting a name for the blog,I chose Seduce your tastebuds, coz the way to a man’s [or anyone, for that matter] heart is through his stomach. To do that you got to seduce your tastebuds with delicious dishes. Cooking is an art that many think is difficult to master but here in my blog I have put together recipes that are tasty yet simple to prepare and requires no special knowledge / skill.

At first I just wanted to post 1 recipe per week and I had even scheduled post for the time when lil angel was due [That was one month after I started my blog!]. But later I was so hooked on to blogging and I increased the number of posts .Now my blog has become a part and parcel on my life.

I cook for my family and write about in my blog. Sometimes I cook specially for blog events. I also write about nutrition and food facts.

I spend most of my time taking care of the needs of my family and lil angel keeps me on my toes. When she is asleep or when hubby is at home to take care of her, I write for the blog. Blogging is a kind of relaxation for me.

Recently I stared another blog ‘My footprints on earth’ to write about my travel experiences.

My other interest include Carnatic music,philately,photography and Rangoli

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ??

PJ: After my wedding we moved to China and I was a bit lonely here and hence wanted to do something to kill time - thus was born my blog. Another reason to start a blog was my friends who used to ask me to share recipes and I thought this medium was better than sending them thro mail.

Right from my school days I got into the habit of collecting recipes .I have a huge collection of hand written recipes and cookbooks. After starting my blog, I have tried out many recipes from my vast collection.

Blog is also a place where I can preserve some traditional recipes and festivals and the special recipes that I learnt from mom.

EC: What changes has blogging brought in ur life?

PJ: Blogging has increased my passion for cooking. I want to try out dishes that I have never cooked before .I also want to try out recipes with ingredients I have never used before like buckwheat, kiwi fruit etc which I normally don’t use in everyday cooking. My family is very happy to taste my creations!!!

Another good thing is that I meet people with similar interests through blogging and now I have a huge group of friends.

EC: You write on cuisines of India and food related topics. Which is ur favorite and why

PJ: I love Indian food. Each state has so many specialty dishes. Because of this very fact, I blog more on Indian food. Occasionally I do try out international dishes. With nutrition and dietetics being my area of specialization, I write on diet and food too.

EC: What are your recipe sources? Do u follow them as it is or bring in some changes

PJ: My mom and the huge collection of recipes and cookbooks, are the chief sources. Sometimes I try out recipes from fellow bloggers as well. I follow mom’s recipes to the T as her dishes are so flavorful but when it comes to cookbook and recipe sources, I tweak it up a little to suit my taste.

EC: Have your recipes been copied anywhere without your permission..How would you deal with plagiarism??

PJ: So far I have not seen my recipes or photos in any other site [Touchwood!] but I think it is a very shameful act and needs to be condemned. It is really awful to steal photos and recipes from someone’s blog as everyone knows how much of time and effort one has to put in to create and maintain a blog.

EC: Your favorite vegetarian recipe

PJ: Oh my!! There are so many of my favorites. Its really hard to choose .Anyways,
I would like to share an easy pasta dish with lots of cheese- Cheesy pasta, that is sure to please kids and adults alike! Easy to prepare but a tasty treat….


Priya said...

Glad to know more about PJ, love her blog much..Pj rocks!!

Anonymous said...


Rahin said...

gud to know more about Padmaja, just recently got to know her blog, love it !

lata raja said...

It is indeed a pleasure to know about PJ. Congratulations to both of you on this warm and friendly interview.

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