Dosa with leftover Idli batter

Ingredients (Translation)

Leftover Idli batter
4 tbsp Rice flour
4 tbsp Wheat flour
4 tbsp Rava
Salt to taste

Mix all of them together and add some more water to it to get dosa batter consistency.

Make dosas the usual way. Rava and rice flour make the dosas crisper.

Serve with chutney or sambhar.
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Lissie said...

thats an awesome idea! it sounds tasty...

Happy cook said...

As you made with left over idli batter you can give me the left over dosa :-)

Anonymous said...

i always end up making dosas with leftover idli batter as it, but maybe the next time i am going to try it your way:)

easycrafts said...

@ Lissie ... it tastes great too

@ Happy Cook .... you can have the entire stock, why just leftover

@ Paati .... I too make dosas directly from the leftover idli batter, but yest the batter was too less for two people and I was surely not in a mood to make something else. so tried this way

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