Pori and kadalai urundai (Puffed rice and groundnut balls)

Kadalai Urundai (Peanut Balls) recipe already posted here

Pori Urundai recipe is same, except that instead of peanuts, here we add pori (puffed rice), little peanuts and coconut pieces. For a change you can even add some pieces of dryfruits.

Other special dishes for Karthikai are appam and vadai.

Happy Karthikai to all.

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Happy cook said...

I can jus imagine bitting into it and the taste of jaggery in my mouth :-)


Happy karthigai deepam and urundai looks perfect!!

deanacakes said...

thanks for the recipe..i am married to an indian man

easycrafts said...

Thanks all of you for your valuable comments...

Rajitha said...

wow..i gotta give it u for trying out all these!!

Menu Today said...

Hi EC,

I made same thing for Karthigai.
I made Pottukkadali Urundai.
Looks perfect. Thanks for sharing

Pravs said...

Yummy. love jaggery based sweets. I have made peanut chikki and shaped them into balls. love them !

easycrafts said...

@Rajitha....thanks for ur comment

@ Menu today...oh great, nice idea of making pottukadalai urundai

@ Pravs...chikki made in sugar...i love that too.

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