Ajwain Paratha

Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup Wheat flour
Salt to taste
Ajwain (in powder form)
Water to make dough

Make dough using wheat flour, salt and water like usual for making chapatis.

Make small balls of the dough. Roll out one ball into a round chapati.

Now spread a little ghee over the chapati and sprinkle ajwain powder using a tea filter to spread evenly.

Now fold the chapati this way first...

Next fold it this way

The third fold

The final fold

Dip in flour and roll out again, maintaining the square shape.

When done, put it on the tava and spread a little ghee throughout rather than only sides. The paratha will start coming up like a puri. Turn it to cook the other side. When done, serve hot with pickle or any other side dish.

Although a bit long process, the taste would be excellent and parathas would be crisp.

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Happy cook said...

When i was at home my mom made this but she added sugar and it was also really good as the sugar carmalised inside.


I like ajwain and thanks for ajwain version in paratha!!

bindiya said...

The tutorial is very good, paranthas like this are so delicious!

bindiya said...

The tutorial is very good, paranthas like this are so delicious!

Siri said...

A very nice and different way of making parathas EC. Thanks for the idea!

~ Siri

easycrafts said...

@ Happy Cook ... Parathas with sugar, i will try that next time. Thanks for the idea.

@ Raks kitchen, bindiya and Siri ... Thanks a lot

Rajitha said...

yum..i love ajwain in paranths..my husband does not like ajwain..so i make these when he is out of town..loved the square ones :)

Namratha said...

This is something new to me, haven't tried them before....hmmm, now gotto get hold of ajwain!!

Sudha said...

wow i love the ajwain parathas and loved the step by step tutorial too :) Ajwain is really good for health and now tasty too :)

Pravs said...

Beautiful paratha. Liked the way you fold to make this paratha.

easycrafts said...

Thanks Rajitha, Namratha, Pravs, Sudha for your comments

ashima said...

Thanks for visiting and love your square ajwain parantha as well! :o) I'll have to come and visit your many blogs soon! Amazing that you have so many!

Very best wishes!

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