Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup all purpose flour
Oil to fry
A pinch of salt
1/4 cup powder sugar

Mix the flour, sugar and salt with some water to get a soft dough. Roll them into thick chapatis and cut them into small squares or diamond shapes using a knife.

Deep fry them till golden brown. It becomes crispier when cooled for some time. It can be stored in an air-tight container and is a good snack during travels.

This dish would also feature in the "Travel Food Festival".

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Siri said...

Love these crispies..:D I didn't know these were called Shankarpal!


AnuSriram said...

gr8 for munching... Easy to make snack...

Namratha said...

yummy, love these...! Am yet to make them, planning since last Diwali :D

Pooja said...

this crunchy shankarpara is my all time favorite snacks. i made is little spicy. thanks for sharing your version EC.:)

Laavanya said...

Oh these look lovely. I didn't know of this method.. definitely easier than the one i know of.

Prema Sundar said...

We call them as diamond cuts... didnt know the name shankarpal. looks nice and its a great snack.

Raaga said...

have never made this... should try:-)

EC said...

Thanks Siri

Thanks Anu, it definetely is a tempting snack

@ Namratha...hope to see this on ur blog soon, thanks for commenting

@ Pooja...thanks, we make the spicy version too at times

@ Laavanya...thanks, it definetely is easier and tastier too

@ Prema...thanks, it is also known as sweet biscuits in some places

@ Raaga ... thanks, do try and let me know

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