Potato Dishes Special

Potato is one vegetable which very few people dislike. DK of Culinary Bazaar announced the Potato Feast event

and Sia of Monsoon Spice is hosting the Ode to Potato Event. So, here is a collection of some of the posts in my blogs Simple Indian Food and 100% Microwave Cooking that have potatoes as their main ingredients.

Puneri Aloo
Jeera Aloo
Aloo mattar sabzi(without onions and garlic)
Chatpata Aloo
Aloo Paratha (oil free, ghee free)
Aloo mattar Kofta
Aloo Mattar Kurma (without onions and garlic)
Aloo Peas paratha
Pav Bhaji
Aloo Bonda/Batata Vada
Ragda Pattice

Aloo Fry

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Asha said...

Whoa!! So many, sounds great!:))

vimmi said...

u have such a collection of aloo recipes. thats great.

DK said...

OMG! This is indeed an overwhelmingly appetizing array of Potato Feast EC! Thanks a Bunch - i am totally ecstatic!

Seema said...

Thats a whole bunch.. Great job! Did u leave any dish for us to send :-)

Cynthia said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

easycrafts said...

Thanks Asha

@ Vimmi...thanks, i guess all of us would be having atleast 20% recipes on our blogs with potatoes

@ DK ... thanks for hosting such a nice event on my favourite vegetable

@ Seema...thanks...i am feeling bad that i missed out on so many of potato dishes..hope to see all of them on other food blogs posting to the event

@ Cynthia...thanks a lot for visiting the blog

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