Dal Vada

Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup split unskinned moong dal
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
1 green chilly
1 tsp ginger paste

Soak the moong for atleast 2 hours. Grind it along with ginger paste, salt and green chilly without adding more water.

Take a small ball of it and deep fry them in hot oil til golden brown.

Serve hot with onions and fried green chillies.

This being a traditionally gujarati dish, sending this over to Mythili for RCI-Gujarati Cuisine

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Unknown said...

vadas are looking so tasty...nice and different entry!!

Asha said...

Moong dal vadas are yummy. In UK, they used to serve these with spicy Mint chutney. Tastes so good!:))

Alpa said...

these are one of my all time favorites, unfortunately i don't eat them too often because of the oil :(

Finla said...

Vada looks delicious.

Laavanya said...

Oh these are really tasty.. looks good EC! I like the color of your milagai podi too.

AnuSriram said...

Moong dhal vadas are new to me... Looks tempting...

Kalai said...

Wonderful use of moong dal, EC! I'll take 2 from that plate, if you please. :) Nice entry!! :)

vimmi said...

We call it mangoori. Love it. You can try them with the skinned yellow moong dal too. I make mine the same way.

Pooja V said...

I am so fond of these. Your pic made me make these and I have soaked the dal already.

EC said...

Thanks Soumya for ur comments

@ Asha..thanks, serving with onions and green chillies is how we get in the roadside shops, but we had it sauce and that too was a good combi

@ Alpa...thanks for commenting, i feel if the batter is not very thin, it absorbs less of oil, do try out

@ Happy Cook, Laavanya, Anu...thanks for commenting

@ Kalai...thanks, you can have the entire plate

@ Vimmi...thanks, i tried it out the traditional way

@ Pooja...thanks, its great to know that u are making them rightaway, do let me know how it came out.

Anonymous said...


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