Jevarisi (sabudana) payasam

Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup sago (sabudana, jevarisi)
3/4 cup sugar (adjust as per needs)
Few cashews
1 cup milk
2 tsp ghee

Wash the sago and keep it close for a while. Sprinkle some water in between and keep it closed for about 15-20 minutes.

Heat the ghee, add the cashews. When it starts changing colour, add the sago and some water. Keep mixing it else it will stick to the vessel. Keep adding some water till sago gets cooked.

Add sugar and mix well. Allow it to cool for some time. Add the milk.

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Hey I tried this on saraswathi pooja my method of doing...first time ...all sago got dissapeared and become kanji....:((
Thanks for sharig the recipe..!!

easycrafts said...

It happened to me too once...the reason i found out was the quality of sago. Although i follow the same method everytime, once or twice it became kanji for me too..try with sago purchased from a different shop

Swaroopa said...

nice recipe.nvr tried it. wanna try urs soon.

Asha said...

Love Sago, little drops of delight, sweet or savory!:))

sunita said...

I love sabudana payasam...although I've never tried making it myself.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Hi EC.....I am not a very great fan of sago but in my house my mom used to make it regularly for all festivals........a traditional dish it is :-) Looks nice on ur blog :-)

Rina said...

Jevarasi(tamil), Saggoobiyam(telugu), Sabodana(hindi) is one of the fav payasams my mom use to make, especially when we were just coming out of any sickness. Cause it is easy to dijest.

Namratha said...

When I was in boarding school (long ago) we were served this payasam pretty often, but the payasam always has more Sago than the milk, which wasn't tasty so we used to call it "frogs eggs"...hehehe! But I love sabudhana payasam, yours looks yummy! :)

Puspha said...


easycrafts said...

@Swaroopa, sunita -do try it and let me know.

@ Asha, sirisha,Rina, Namratha, Pushpa for your comments

Vee said...

A very nice entry that brings back so many memories.

Thanks for participating!

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