Upcoming events on Simple Indian Food

July 2008 - Whats Your Favorite: Juices and Icecreams

August 2008 - WYF Colour in food

September 2008- WYF Salad/Starter

October 2008-WYF Party food

November 2008- WYF Kitchen Gadget

December 2008- WYF Breakfast

January 2009 - WYF Cuisine and Monthly Blog Patrol

February 2009 - RCI : Haryana

March 2009 -One Hour Meal

April 2009-Instant Energy food event


Finla said...

WOw that is a whole lot of event you are going to host.
Will paricipat from September onwards as i am going to India till then

EC said...

Thanks Happy cook ...looking forward to ur contribution after u return..Wish u a happy and safe journey and fabulous vacation

@the_whisk_affair said...

oooh oooh, new events at EC's!! I would try my best to participate in all these events!!

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