MEC: Healthy diet food event announcement

Srivalli's very popular event MEC comes to Simple Indian food blog this month..

Microwaved food has gained popularity over the years for ease in cooking and reheating. But the highlight remains that it requires less oil and spices for cooking. And this is most helpful for dieters and in general for all those who try to make food healthier..Keeping this in mind, this month's theme for MEC event is Healthy Diet Food. Try to cook your regular food or any special diet food with your microwave so as to reduce the oil/fat content and spice content- making it much healthier than the way you are used to eating it.

There is no restriction on which part of the meal you would want to cook..however it must be done in the microwave and not the stove top..You would be free to use other electrical gadgets but cooking has to be mandatory done with your microwave..

To start off- masala peanuts made in microwave instead of frying, sweets like kesari/sheera can be made with much lesser ghee in microwave and so can try out dishes that can be baked or grilled instead of stove top method that may require frying in any form...

Please have the following rules in mind before sending in your entry --

* The last date is May 31st.

* Multiple recipes are permitted and recipes submitted to other events are also permitted. Recipes from archives can be accepted ONLY if updated as current posts.

* The entire cooking needs to be done in Microwave. You can of course use food processor or others for grinding stuffs, but no stove top..Only Veg recipes please (Cheese allowed, egg not allowed).

* Link the post to this announcement as well as to Srivalli's MEC post. Both the links are mandatory and unless included cannt be added to the roundup. Please try to include the logo in your post.

* If you dont have a blog, send in the recipe and picture to and I will publish it for you on my blog.

* Mail me your name, blog name, recipe name and link, photo (if you have disabled right click on your blog)and reposted link (for archived entries only) to

Thanks Srivalli for the opportunity and the beautiful logo

Waiting to see the creativity in you of making food healthier the microwave way

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