All purpose masala podi/powder

The riddle I got for Open Sesame 2 event at Dining Hall started by Siri and DK was

I am a flower but adorn a bouquet, I do not
I have an inbuilt perfume in my being
So strong and so intense that my oil will make your insides 'hot'
My medical impact all over the world seen.

My 'Yorubas' infusion is the 'savior' of star wars
I have been used as a barter by the fellow 'sadiqi's' during trades
One does not have to fight tooth or 'nail' for me
I am usually pink but mostly available browned in shades

I may be dry , I may overpower your tongue
But add a little for that midas touch
Come now, start thinking of that spice
Whose bite make your 'teeth' say Ouch!

My first guess was Cloves and I was right. So here is my recipe with cloves-

All Purpose masala powder Ingredients

8 Cloves
1 tsp coriander seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
A piece of cinnamon
2 Cardamoms
1 Red chilli
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp black pepper

Dry roast the ingredients on a very low flame till it starts changing colour.

Cool and grind to a smooth powder.

The masala goes well with North Indian side dishes and is similar to garam masala.
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Asha said...

Looking at that riddle, I would never have guessed cloves, you are smart!:)

All purpose pd looks good, like Garam Masala.

EC said...

Thanks Asha

Unknown said...

looks good and all purpose masala is very useful dear... thxs

Kalai said...

Nice versatile masala powder, EC! :)

@the_whisk_affair said...

nice riddle isnt it!? congrats on getting it right the first time, EC! beautiful one!

ranji said...

i chose the same box too :)..couldnt guess it right the first time...nice way to use cloves...pdr looks really good :)

Unknown said...

Lovely looking masala powder EC! Thanks dear..:)


Uma said...

lovely entry EC! The powder looks so good and aromatic.

Unknown said...

Nice use of the ingredient EC

Unknown said...

nice you got the answer first time itself..congrats

Madhavi said...

Great entry, all purpose masala looks great, very nice recipe!!!

MySpicyKitchen said...

that is a nice arrangement of spices...

DK said...

Wow! This powder seems to be the answer to my "all purpose" mania! Love it - will make it the first thing 2morrow

Beyond Curries said...

I think this is a tough riddle than my apple riddle. Nice recipe for an all purpose powder.

EC said...

Thanks Srikars Kitchen, Kalai, JZ, Ranji, Siri, Uma, Divya, Soumya, Madhavi, UVR, DK and Madhuram for ur valuable views on the all purpose masala powder

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