Budding blogger: Prathima

Meet Prathima from Prats Corner in the Budding blogger series...

Here is what Prathima has to say ...

Hello to all! I`m Prathima from Mangalore. Welcome to ' Prats Corner '.I am a MBA grad, quit my job recently and now exploring the world of cooking under Amma`s guidance. I am absolutely passionate about cooking! Amma is an expert cook and has vast recipe collection - old and new. The two of us together make a great team - trying out a wide variety of dishes. One thing I have learnt from Amma is that the main ingredient for a perfect dish is 'passion for cooking'.

As I have a lot of free time now, I keep browsing the net for recipes and came across a number of blogs featuring wonderful recipes and that is when I got the idea of blogging and posting Amma`s recipe collection. My blog has been in the making for quite sometime now and finally here it is - Prats Corner.

Every meal we eat defines our mood and energy to carry on our day-to-day activities. Healthy eating is not depriving yourself of the food you love (of course one can occasionally reward oneself too!). It is about looking healthy and feeling energetic. At 'Prats Corner' you will find various healthy & tasty recipes, recipes from India and from around the world, recipes for entertaining etc. Also, soon to be introduced are various home remedies, skin and hair care tips, health tips etc etc. Do drop in to my blog and post your valuable comments and be a follower.

And remember, for a less stressful life, wake up every morning with a positive thought and you will be amazed too see how smoothly the day progresses. When having a meal, enjoy what you are eating instead of simply complaining about day`s events. A healthy mind can lead the way to a healthy body!

Budding blogger : Srivandhya

Meet Srivandhya of Vegetarian Zest blog in the Budding blogger series

Here is what she has to share with all ..

Hi readers,

The Vegetarian Zest is written by me, Srivandya Anand. I have degrees in Economics, Education, and Information Technology. Don't ask how that came about - it just happened. After slogging in many IT organisations as a content writer, I decided to quit and became a freelancer. Husband’s work brought us to Johannesburg, South Africa and since then I’m enjoying my life being at home.

I’m obsessed with food. Not so much with eating but more with cooking. Both my parents love cooking and seeing them I started cooking at a very young age. Mom always encouraged me to make my own sandwiches when hungry. Even today if my dad comes up with a yummy experiment, he shares it with me.

Apart from cooking, I like to check new food stores, go grocery shopping, buy storage containers, and check new recipes on internet. Also, I love to host dinner parties for dear friends and family.

‘Vegetarian Zest’ was born as a food journal and for learning food photography. I’m still in the latter phase. In each post you’ll find a story. I prefer to tell you where and how the recipe came or who passed it down rather than the techniques behind.

The recipes you find on my blog are put together with care and lot of passion. I usually get my recipes from my parents, magazines, internet or friends. Some are even found accidentally. All the recipes are tweaked or modified to suit my taste. As the name suggests, this is a vegetarian blog so you’ll not find any meat or chicken preparations. I make sure that my family eats healthy and fresh and in that spirit I buy high quality ingredients, fresh produce of veggies, and organic products… even if I have to spend extra.

Long story short, please do come by every now and then to check on new posts – I would love to see you around. Your feedbacks and comments are always very much appreciated, I can also be contacted via vandya.foodie[at] gmail [dot] com.

Bon Appetit !!

Budding blogger : Sanjeeta

Meet Sanjeeta from Lite Bite..

She says ....

Hello everyone! I am Sanjeeta KK, mom of two kids, who carries a bucketful of dreams day & night, in spite of finding less time to make happen. Optimist by nature and a lover of all forms of creativity, I yearn to learn something about everything under the sun.

I like to read, cook, travel and write. Writing on food and healthy-living are a few joys of my life. Sharing it with you all will certainly increase it to manifolds. With a Masters’ degree in Economics & Business management, I am currently managing the intricacies & economies of my home.

Food, which is simple to cook and saves on time but not on health is my favorite. That is how my site Lite Bite was born. Lite recipes for right health!

Since dietary habits play a crucial role in deciding how fast one age, cooking our daily meal with a little nutritional knowledge gives an extra edge to health. Lite bite thus tries to incorporate articles on health, eating right and foods that heal, alongside many healthy-recipes.

Born in rustic Rajasthan and married in traditional Tamil Nadu of India, gives me the authority on the cuisines of these states. And in case you have time in abundance, just peep into my collection of delicious recipes from Rajasthan and many other regions to satisfy food cravings and win hearts. Browse through (sanjeetakk.blogspot.com). Do keep connected

Cheers!! Be happy and stay away from negative thoughts, “a light heart makes for an easy life”. Welcome to Lite bite! Hope this journey of learning and yearning about food & health prove to be rewarding for all.

Budding blogger: Rach

Meet Rach from Indian food in the Budding blogger series.

She says -

My passion for cooking, my experiments with ingredients, and my everyday cooking experiences ....Simple, easy, healthy and tasty homefood.. In a nutshell, this is how I can describe my blog.

I simply love south Indian veg food. I look to cook south Indian food ( I cook non-veg as well). The hyderabadi cuisines which have great mughlai influences, the spicy andhra cuisine, the unique chettinad cuisine (with lots of black pepper), Coconut rich cuisine from kerala, and my very own karnataka cuisines, interests me a lot. I also love to cook other cuisines from parts of India like Punjab, Gujarat, rajasthan, Goa, Bengal( die hard fan of bengali sweets), Maharashtra, bihar etc. I don't mind sticking on to the ingredients that are authentically used like mustard oil, vinegar (in Goa) or even adding sweetness to gravies( like in rajasthani cuisine). I'm fascinated by various cuisines of this world... may it be a stew from Jerusalem or pitta smeared with hummus along with a falafel filling from Lebanon, or baked pastas or pizza from Italy, Fusion foods like hamburger from America, tortillas from Mexico, Arabic grills, native African cuisine, or colorful Caribbean cuisine or classic french and English cuisine, or my very own Asian cuisine, I like them all. I love to cook all of them some day.

I used to discuss about my everyday cooking experiences and recipes with friends online, that's when I thought blogging would be a good option to share with Friends and all others who may be looking for a recipe. Having no clue about what blogging is all about, I asked one of my friend. Then I did log in and started my journey of blogging. I'm very new to blogging (its hardly been a month), I'm loving it. I know I still have a long way to go( a long , long way). I love browsing and blogging ( its like I learn , I share). Blogging is now my hobby, it keeps me occupied. Any hobby can make us happy, may it be dancing, singing, arts, crafts or painting...It brings out all our hidden talents and nourishes all the skills that we have. It brings out positive vibes in us.

Do visit my blog ..

I'm just another happy cook, Having fun cooking!

MEC: Healthy diet food event roundup

Thanks a lot Shiva, Priya and Sudha for sending in the healthy versions of your favourite dish for the MEC event..Unfortunately I am not able to concentrate on blogging and make new dishes for the past 2 months..So, there has not been any entry from me..

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