Milk Peda

Tried this delicious doodh/milk peda recipe from Vidhus turned out to be perfect and very tasty ..


Milk powder -2 cups
Condensed milk - 1 cup
Bit of cardamom powder
Butter -3 tbsp
Chopped nuts

Mix the condensed milk and milk powder well and heat it in low flame..keep stirring the same until it gets thick. Add the cardamom powder, mix and let it cool for some time. Make pedas and add some chopped nuts in the center. 

A quick and very easy sweet done with very less ingredients.

Chocolate Gulab jamun

Try this new flavour the next time you plan to make Gulab jamun...Whatever the recipe you use for making them, just stuff 2-4 pieces of chocolate chips in the center of the gulab jamun before frying them. The chips melt while frying and adds a nice chocolate flavour to it. 

Fried modaks


2 cups of grated coconut
3/4 cup grated jaggery
Pinch of cardamom powder
1 cup all purpose flour
Pinch of salt
Oil to fry

Mix 2 tsp oil in the flour and add salt. Sprinkle water to get a soft dough and keep covered for 15 minutes.

Heat the jaggery with little water and when it gets to a ball consistency, switch off the gas and add coconut and cardamom powder. Mix well and let it cool for some time. Make small balls of it.

Make balls of the dough, roll them into a small round and place the sweet ball in the center. Cover from all sides and repeat for the rest of the dough and fillings. Fry these modaks on medium flame till golden brown and crisp.

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