Budding blogger : Preeti

Meet Preeti of Ising Cakes and More

She says -

I am a Marathi, living in UK, working in a school full time and mad about different kinds of arts. I am a mother of a lovely boy who loves food and interior designing, although he is just 11 years old.

I believe, seeking both my profession and my passion at the same time has enabled me to balance me in my life. I love my job working in a special needs school and learning new form of art is my passion .Cooking had never been a part of me until, the day I landed up in our England’s kitchen. Meeting my son’s demands and my hubby’s likings discovered a cook in me.My parent’s recent visit to UK helped me discover a bit more about cooking…especially the baking and the cake decorating part. I baked cakes, decorated cakes, served cakes, ate cakes, sang about cakes and now I love cakes…hence my blog…..isingcakes! This blog is a collection of my passion, my hobbies, my crazes and all my experiences as I learn and apply . I will be sharing all my culinary collections in Sweet n Savoury section of my blog. My artistic flair will be shared through Different Strokes and last but not the least all my baking and cake decoration will be in the Isingcakes section.

Budding blogger: Shilpa

Meet Shilpa of Ruchi blog in Budding blogger segment today-

She says-

I am Shilpa and my blog is Ruchi.

I have gone through many blogs and was always thinking that I should create my own blog.
Well I think, this was the right time.

I have just started putting down the recipes which came out well, recipes inspired by online cooking blogs(like yours) or my friends or relatives (especially my mom).

Basically, I will be writing more on the Kerala recipes but ofcourse not limited to that.
I really love many other recipes (from north and south part of india).
I have tried many of those and will definitely continue to do so.

So please do visit my blog and let me know your comments and suggestions to improve my blog...

Budding blogger : Indian cookery

Meet the author of Indian cookery blog today in Budding blogger segment

I welcome you to my blog ! I am a happy Indian homemaker and just want to share some of the seemingly difficult recipes in cookery and certain tips that would help while working on intricate recipes. The *idea of creating a cookery blog* emerged from constant searches for Indian recipes over the internet for relatively easy-to-make dishes. As a teenager, I had constantly watched various cookery shows on television and was eager to try out them just after the show. I used to wait to hear comments on the dishes from my parents and brothers. Several years later (that is after I got married and had a kid), I still yearned to learn to cook new dishes and eventually comments from my husband and in-laws.

I would like to share the lessons that I learnt and how to make cooking somewhat simpler without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Also, over the years, it occurred to me that there needs to be at least an online scrap to look back and help re-inherit our culture. Our culture and various festivities had been the cause for celebration and interactions between people. I would also like to describe some of the food associated with various festivals and how to make them.

In short, this blog contains basic tips for food preparation which are required for a typical Indian Family. I look forward to have your support and wishes.

Red rice pal payasam and 3rd Blog Anniversary

Thanks a lot to all readers and friends to have helped me reach this milestone..

Here is a special sweet on this occassion-


1 cup red rice soaked for 2 hours
1/2 cup condensed milk
2 cups milk
1/4 cup sugar (adjust according to taste)
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp ghee
Few cashews and raisins

Pressure cook the rice till soft. Heat ghee and add the cashews and raisins. When golden brown, add the cooked rice and milk and cook for 5 minutes. Add the sugar and mix well. Finally add the condensed milk and cardamom powder.

Serve hot or cold.

Budding blogger: Gayathri

Meet Gayathri of Everyday Living blog in Budding blogger segment

She says-

Meet Gayathri I am Gayathri,mother to 2 year old Meghana.I have recently started blogging.My blog is all about cooking along with few other things.I entered kitchen for cooking only after marriage.Now I love cooking and try to experiment with it.Thanks to my husband, whom I feel is one of the best food critic in the world(Though he denies it) and has made my cooking better and better. My blog will have recipes that I have learnt from my mom,some are my experiments and some are from cook books and internet.

Every one is welcome to my blog.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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