Maggi samosa


Cooked maggi (with spices, vegetables)
Oil to fry

For outer cover-

2 cups all purpose flour
Salt to taste
Bit of ajwain/thymol seeds
2 tbsp oil

Mix all the ingredients for outer cover and sprinkle water to make a stiff dough. Keep covered under a wet cloth for atleast 1/2 hour.

Divide the dough into medium sized balls and roll out one of them. Cut in the center to get two pieces. Make cones from the pieces using few drops of water to seal the corners. Stuff the maggi and press the corners to seal the samosa. Repeat for rest of the dough and stuffing.

Heat oil and deep fry the samosa on medium flame till golden brown and crisp. Drain the excess oil on a tissue paper and serve hot with sweet chutney or sauce.
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meeso said...

Great idea, must be yummy!

Priya said...

Woww wat an amazing samosa!

Shri said...

Amazed at how creative you get...Every time drop in , I look at something totally new and creative!!Cool idea of a maggi samosa:)

DEESHA said...

wow, thatz very innovative

Trupti said...

lovely idea to use maggie in samosas

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Trendsetters said...

very unique...I love maggi and I love samosa

Prathibha said...

Gal,this idea is out of the world...would like to know the taste of it..


Cool Idea!! I wud love to have samosa stuffed with Maggi:)

Valarmathi said...

Very innovative. Looks yummy.

EC said...

Thanks all..glad u liked the idea..

@ Prathibha..Since maggi has all the necessary spices and was soft, I found them somewhat similar in taste to potato samosas..

Pari said...

Wow thats a sure shot winner with the kids.

Anonymous said...

wow!Very creative!tnx for this yummy post dear.

Parita said...

OMG you are incredibly innovative!

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Looks delicious.

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