Spinach (Palak ) rotis

Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup wheat flour
A small bunch of spinach
Salt to taste

Clean the spinach and soak it in some water for 10 minutes after adding salt. Squeeze out the water and cook closed for just one minute. The leaves will turn out to be much more greener. Cool and grind to a fine puree.

Add salt and spinach puree to wheat flour and mix well. Add more water if required to make a soft dough. Leave covered for 15 minutes.

Make rotis or pulkhas the usual way and serve hot with some spicy gravy.

Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly folic acid, magnesium and vitamin K. Also the protein content in spinach is much more than almost all other vegetables. So, it is very beneficial for pregnant women and also another simple way of consuming leafy vegetables.

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Sending it over to the Eat Healthy during pregnancy event being hosted by Sangeeth
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Padmaja said...

Happy new year and hey even i made palak rotis yesterday and my version is very different to yours. Will try yours for sure

Asha said...

Ooh! Those are making me hungry! Must to some!:)

Sagari said...

very healthy rotis looks yummy

Vanamala said...

I never tried palak roti's.
Looks good healthy roti's..very nice

Laavanya said...

I love these. Try adding some g. chillies & Cumin while grinding the spinach. It will make it more flavorful.

Sorina said...

Wow that does look beautiful...I think I will start cooking this now.

Jaya said...

Love the Palaak rotis ,sure gonna try it .its just so healthy.
hugs and smiles

easycrafts said...

@ Padmaja...waiting to see your version

@ Asha...pl do try them sometime

@ Sagari..ya, the addition of spinach makes the normal rotis more healthy and colourful too

@ Vanamala, Sorina and Jaya...do try them and let me know

@ Lavanya...as i made some spicy side dish i thought of keeping these simple..but yours is a nice idea of adding the spice, will try sometime

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