Ragi Dosa

There are two methods here- one is an instant one while the other requires fermentation.

For instant ragi dosa

Ingredients (Translation)

1 cup ragi (Finger millet) flour (i used sprouted ragi flour)
1/4 cup rice flour
Salt to taste
A bit of asafoetida
3 tbsp buttermilk
Finely chopped green chillies and cumin seeds(optional)

Mix all the ingredients together to get a batter which is a bit thinner than normal dosa batter.

Let it aside for 10 minutes. Heat tava and spread out a big ladle of batter in an ciruclar manner. Spread a little oil in the corners and cook for a minute. Turn it and cook on other side as well. If the dosa is not soft, then it requires more water.

Serve hot with chutney and sambhar.

Method 2 : Fermented batter

Ingredients (Translation)

1/2 cup blackgram dal
1 1/4 cup ragi flour
Salt to taste

The batter is same as that of ragi idli. Check out the batter here.

Heat tava, spread out the batter in an circular manner and cook on both sides.

Serve hot..these would be more softer than the instant ragi dosas.
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Sia said...

thats one healthy recipe. i have made ragi dosa and added few vegetables too, just like uttappa. but i haven't tried ragi idli and u have tempted me enough to give it a try:)

Rajitha said...

E..the dosa looks so healthy..have never made anything with ragi...

Pooja said...

something new for me, looks very healthy .
thanks for sharing.

Laavanya said...

My mom makes the fermented kind and i love it with the spicy red chilli chutney. Thanks for reminding me EC.

Seema said...

This one we make, but idlis r new to me...This is a healthy & wholesome Breakfast!

easycrafts said...

@ Sia...thanks for the tips...will try ragi uttapam next time. Do try out ragi idli

@ Rajitha...this is the first time i tried something with ragi, and it tasted good. Do try out

@ Pooja...thanks a lot, do try out

@ Laavanya...thanks a lot for the comments

@ Seema...Do try out idlis too, thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...


Can I find sprouted raagi flour in Indian stores in the U.S.?

Dershana said...

EC, I try the instant variety too, just add a little semolina too in addition.

Glad to know our cooking styles are alike :-)

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