Godumai (wheat flour) dosa

Ingredients (Translation)

2 cups wheat flour
4 tbsp rice flour
Salt to taste

Add water to wheat flour, rice flour and salt to make a batter. Keep it covered for atleast 15 minutes.

Take some batter and spread it on hot tava in circular motion. Add a little oil on the sides and when cooked, turn the dosa and cook on other side as well.

Instant dosa without any fermenting ready to serve. Any chutney and sambar will go well with these tasty dosas.
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Asha said...

I love this dosa with good spicy coconut chutney!:)


My favoutite dosa and I add jeera to this!:)

vimmi said...

With winter here, the dosa batter does not ferment properly. This lookslike a perfect recipe. I will add jeera also as suggested by Raks

Happy cook said...

Love the dosa

Jyothsna said...

I like this no fuss dosa.

Rajitha said...

yum..it has been so long since i ate this..there was a time when i pestered my mom to make it every week!!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

love wheat dosa. Mom used to make it quite often! Thanx for reminding me!

easycrafts said...

@ Asha...i can have them without any side dish too.. thanks for the comments

@ Raks Kitchen...i add jeera to rava dosa, will try next time for godumai dosa too

@ Vimmi...I have two more dosa recipes whihc dont need fermentation...watch out for them

@ Happy cook...thanks for the comment..

@ Jyothsna...ya, its absolutely no fuss

@ Rajitha...You can make them dear...its very simple

@ Ramya...do try it out

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