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Meet Hrishi from Hrishi and Sharang's kitchen in the Budding blogger series

He says-

I have been a foodie for as long as I can remember. My mother is a fabulous cook and fueled my passion for food from a young age. She is a successful food entrepreneur in Kolhapur and is famous for her Kolhapuri bakarwadis and all sorts of sweet and savoury items.I grew up in a environment consumed by food products and preparation, day and night. So cooking was as they say, "In my genes!" I have lived in Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New York and finally settled in Canberra. I love to experience the local cuisines and to bring in the native ingredients in my cooking.

Two incidents prompted me to set up my blog. In 2009-2010's Masterchef series, one of the final contestants was an Indian and viewers were left with the impression that Indian cooks have a very limited repertoire. That same week, when I picked up our son from the daycare, he said "I love Australian pasta....not Indian dinner". Both these incidents presented me a unique challenge. Over the next few months, I experimented with the cuisines and gradually changed our son's perspective. This blog is not a journal of those experiments, but my way of documenting information for my son.We want our son to know about his heritage and pass on the stuff we have learned for everyone. I also want to make a statement that Indian cooks can cook a lot more variety than just curries!!

I write at www.hrishi.com.au and the blog set up, videos etc; is my wife Mitra's labour of love. I work in the field of Intellectual Property and somedays work can be very hectic, but I try to post something at a regular interval. Over time, I hope the blog and my son grow up together and if he comes back to any of the recipe videos, my task will be accomplished. In the meanwhile, if you have the time, please stop by and tell me how I am doing. Can I do anything better on the blog? I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks & I hope to see you around.

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