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Meet Kalyani of What's Cooking in the Budding blogger series...

She says --

As with most food bloggers out there, I too love eating and cooking dfferent varieties of food, primarily vegetarian and egg free , at home. Blessed with a foodie husband wasnt easy to manage, and although I have been cooking at home almost since high school , knowing about different culinary adaptations and flavours has been an interesting learning curve.

My blog - "Itsnotmadrasi" is named so to (to quote from my "About me" page on the blog) " is to record interesting (which can also mean basic) recipes for all of us to read and share based out of South India. And just to educate all those on the culinary sensitivities and differences in not just plate (cutlery style oscillating from 'so-thought' melamine to stainless steel pathram , etc) but also in palate.So depending on what ingredients were locally grown to seasonal veggies, the recipes were developed. With distances shrinking and migratory patterns of humans increasing in area to cross-community / religion marriages, recipes have evolved" Afterall, not all people south of the Vindhyas are Madrasis :-) I am basically from Bangalore but settled down in Mumbai over the past decade.

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