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Budding blogger series introduces new bloggers (those blogging for less than a year) every wednesday and promotes their blogs through Simple Indian Food. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please mail me a short description about your blog, the cuisine you specialize and your objective/inspiration in blogging to easycrafts@gmail.com.

Today's featured blogger is Neethu from Kitchen Express..She says-

I always had the interest for cooking but when I was smaller. y mom never used to allow me into kitchen as she would say " I m there to make, I will make and give u".. That actually spoiled me a little and made me lazy to start cooking when I moved to Dubai, when I got my first job. But then during those times I hardly used to get time to cook when I reach home after work. Then I got married. Though I used to cook its not always that I cooked something new (as I was working duing that time). The real interest started when I started being a home-maker after delivering to our little princess :) (5.5 month old now). I actually wanted to do something related to cooking. One day while on internet, as usual I was searching a new recipe, I came across many blogs and that inspired me to start one!!. I also thought in sure it would be useful for my princess to, that is if she has interest in cooking ;)... Thats when I started my blog named KITCHEN EXPRESS.

At first, when I hardly got comments I thought I m not gonna make it far. But then slowly slowly I started getting many blogger friends and awards. Then I knew I m doing the right thing and I m actaully earning compliments from my blogger friends for my hard work. Today I m proud that I have started my blog which can help many people out there who are just on the edge of the ABC's of cooking :)... My blog doesnt not specialize in any cuisines.. From North to South India everything is there and still trying on new things :). Planning to do few international dishes too :).. hopefully one day with many others we all will be known for our wonderful recipes ;)

Dear all, plz do log into my small world of recipes and do have a look. I would also be sincerely thankful to each one of you if you could log in with ur id and be follower of blog. I would really appreciate that :)... do let me know your comments about my blog. I m all ears for more chages if needed to be made. Thanks u all for time you gave to read this :)

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