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Today's featured blogger is Lopa from Cook with me..

She says -

This blog "Cook with me" has been in draft for some time now, it was born at the same time my other blogs were but wasn't getting time to manage everything and now i have finally taken control of things.

I loved cooking even since as a kid, but never cooked much regularly, i used to cook only when something catches my fancy, some recipe on tv show or in newspaper will make me run to kitchen and then no one would be permitted in kitchen until I am done. Luckily, those experiments always turned out good.

After moving to Europe, with no mom or cook home, and with limited varieties and options for eating out vegetarian food in Europe lead me to cook more often. So now i can cook almost anything and everything vegetarian and thought why not to share, it's a nice way to socialise with other bloggers with tasty sharing and help others passing through similar stages as mine.

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~ Lopa said...

Thanks a lot for this :)

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