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Meet Chaitrali from I am not a Chef blog this week in the Budding blogger series..

She says -

I am Chaitrali Pathak-Bhagat currently staying in Russelsheim, Germany. I am basically from Pune and have been here for the past 8-9 months. I have done my hotel management diploma and then have worked with Oberoi Hotels and ITC hotel ( Fortune Group) for about 3 1/2 years and after that was teaching in the Hotel Management Institutes in Pune. As i have also mentioned on my blog; when I was doing Hotel Management Course and even when I finished it, many people ( my friends and relatives) kept asking me for some or the other recipes; considering hotel management is only about Kitchen and cooking. For some reason; I could not bring myself to write recipes for them( Actually I use to hate Kitchen Practicals, because our teachers use to make us work like hell in the Institute's Kitchen). I am actually a Housekeeper by profession; I was working in Housekeeping department with Oberoi hotels and Fortune Hotel, and also was teaching subjects like Housekeeping, Front Office. So I was never interested in cooking and experimenting. Though I use to cook at home even before marriage.

I got married, and that is when i started exploring my cooking skills ( may be to impress my husband, my in-laws ;-) ). For the past 8-9 months, I am in Germany with my husband. Since I am on dependant Visa; I cannot take up a job here. This way I almost wasted about 5-6 months just lazing around.

I got this idea of blogging through one of my school friend who is active blogger; and then I thought let me also do this as I have lot of free time which can be utilized and help my friends and relatives by giving them the recipes, they always wanted me to pen down earlier.

I would like to clearly mention here that I may not participate in any blog events; if i don't feel so, as this blog is for my friends and relatives ; but otherwise if something interesting comes up then I am game for it.

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