Aval Payasam


1/2 cup beaten rice/poha/aval
1/2 cup sugar (add more as per taste)
2 cups milk
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
Few roasted cashews
2 tsp ghee

Fry the beaten rice in ghee till it starts changing colour. Add some water to it and cook on low flame for five minutes. Add sugar and mix well. When the sugar dissolves well, add cardamom powder, cashews and let it cool for five minutes. Add milk, mix well and serve hot or cold as desired.

This ten minute dessert is my contribution to the Fun n Sun event since it tastes great when chilled.

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Kalai said...

Do you use thick aval to make this, EC? Looks great! :)

sowmya said...

lovely dessert,,quick to make...will post my entry soon...

Rangoo said...

This is good. I enjoy powa in whatever form it is.

If you want to watch a bataka powa curry recipe you can watch it in youtube or www.indianhealthyrecipe.com.

easycrafts said...

Yes Kalai, I used the thick ones

@ Sowmya...thanks, do try out

@ Rangoo...Thanks, will surely watch it

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