Sugar coated crunchy snack

The procedure to make the main biscuit is same as the salted ones....however you need to prepare the dough without salt.

Make a sugar syrup with 1 cup sugar and 1 tsp water. When the syrup becomes real thick and is full of bubbles, add these biscuits and mix well. Seperate them on a plate and allow it to cool.

Yet another version is adding sugar to the dough itself and is popular as shankarpale... will post that later.
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Namratha said...

Now this I like, better than the salted ones....sweet shankarpali..looks good Easy!


I love this one soo much!

Laavanya said...

I wanted to make this but made the spicy version instead and will be posting soon.

easycrafts said...

Shankarpali is a bit different namratha...i will posting that recipe in some time

@ Raks Kitchen-- I love them too

@ Laavanya -- Waiting to see your version

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