Ingredients for making boondi

1 cup Gram flour
1/2 tsp Red chilli powder
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

Make a thick batter of all the ingredients except oil. Keep a big spoon having holes ready over hot oil and pour the batter on the spoon directly. You will get round balls of the batter in the oil.

Fry them till the hissing sound stops and then strain excess oil on a kitchen tissue.

Ingredients for Aval

1/4 cup beaten rice
Oil to fry

Clean the aval and fry them in hot oil. Remove immediately and dont let them turn brown.

Omampodi or sev --- Refer here

Manakombu- Refer here for the recipe. Break these into smaller pieces.

Fry curry leaves, corn flakes and groundnuts also in hot oil.

Mix all of them, add more salt, asafoetida and red chilli powder as per taste.

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KALVA said...

Woo you made all that? Hats off dear! I myself not that great when comes to deep frying!!


Wow,home made mixture...It should taste great!!

Happy cook said...

Ohhhhhhhhh i want them, and in huge prtions, Delicious

Rajitha said...

wow! u totally rock girl..u made mixture..yumm

sagari said...

home made mixture wowwwwww

Siri said...

Awesome looking mixture EC..:D

~ Siri

Seema said...

Mixture... anytime.. you made all at home, great job girl! Love this crunchy-munchy snack!!

easycrafts said...

Thanks all of you for ur comments...but one big secret is that i didnt make it..my mil made it for diwali

Pallavi said...

This looks so yummy.. !! Thanks for the entry..

Vibaas said...

That looks yum. I promised my husband years back that i will make mixture at home and haven't fulfilled yet. I dont think i have the patience yet :-)

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