Budding blogger : Vardhini

Meet Vardhini from Vardhini's Kitchen in the Budding blogger series

She says -

Hi everybody .. This is Vardhini from VardhinisKitchen. I am a software engineer by profession and married to a wonderful person who has been supporting me and making my dreams come true. I have 2 kids who make my life even more worthwhile. Growing up I used to look at my mom in awe as she whipped up dishes in no time.

My culinary adventures started when I completed college and I used to prepare snacks every evening by following some book or the other. But still mom was the chef and she pampered us. Reality struck after I got married and came to US where I had to cook, which was when I realised the passion I had for cooking and food. After 10 years of cooking and trying out various cuisines, I now have my space where I will be sharing what I have learned. Hubby dear was the main inspiration for me to start the blog and what started out as a food diary for me has grown to be my passion.

I should say that I am overwhelmed by the way the blogging world has embraced me and by the responses I have received for the recipes posted. Thanks to all for encouraging me.

Being from Chennai, India I will be sharing a lot of southern dishes, but since I also love to experiment you will see dishes from various cuisines as well. I strongly believe that "anybody can cook" given the right tools and recipes and that is what my blog focuses on with step-by-step instructions along with pictures.

Thanks EC for introducing me in the "Budding Blogger" series.


Priya said...

Vardhini is an amazing cook,love her space very much..Glad to know more about her..

Chitra said...

hai vardidni congrats dear...

kaveri said...

Glad to know more about Vardhini through EC...She has a wonderful space and interesting recipes

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