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Meet Geeta of Sun Moon and Potatoes in the budding blogger segment.

She says-

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love." -
Craig Claiborne, Kitchen Primer

I am Geetha from ‘Sun Moon & Potatoes’. I am a passionate cook, mom to a little boy and a Regulatory Affairs Executive by profession. My mom and grandmother are expert cooks. I always loved the food they made; but I never thought that some day, I would be trying to recreate them in my kitchen to perfection.
My journey of culinary adventures did not start until I came to Dublin. When I used to take lunch into work, most of my Irish colleagues would be very curious about Indian cuisine. I loved the fact that they wanted to know more about Indian cooking. The endless questions never bothered me and that’s when I realized my passion for cooking. It’s at the same time when my darling husband (who is a big foodie himself) also encouraged me to set up a website and share the recipes with the world. He took it upon himself to set it up for me once the name was selected and here it is... just over a year old now.
Now you must be wondering... but why the name Sun Moon and Potatoes?? The name signifies that every element of the earth seeps into the dishes I conjure up. This could be a hearty potato creation or an opulent, extravagant recipe of seafood paella. I use this space to express my uninhibited joy of living, cooking and loving.
My speciality is cuisine from Kerala but I love to try all types of recipes. When someone asks me for a specific recipe, I can never wait until I try it out in my kitchen. My main aim is to make delicious recipe quickly and with the least ingredients possible or alternatively, with readily available ingredients. As soon as I have cooked something, my hubby is ready with the camera to take some shots, before he can dive into the food. I always look forward to his comments about the recipe.
So now I would like to welcome you all to my world www.sunmoonandpotatoes.com – feel free to explore, express and experiment.
I would like to say a big thank you to EC for introducing me on the Budding Blogger series.


uma shankar said...

welcome geetha you have a nice space!

Sun Moon and Potatoes said...

Thank you so much, Uma :)
Please do keep checking it out regularly for more updates!

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