Budding blogger: Uma

Meet Uma of Uma's Kitchen in the Budding blogger series this week

She says --

I am a home maker from chennai. I was intersted in cooking from childhood. Recently when i was browsing the net and looking for recipes I got interested in writing a blog myself. I thought it would be very useful for my daughters and others as well.

The recipes in my blog are all the ones that I have tried out at my home. Most of my recipes are the ones that I have learnt from my mother, mother in law and some of them from friends and other blogs. The recipes are all simple Indian vegetarian food.

I am trying to post lot of traditional recipes that we cook in our home as part of our day to day cooking. Of course I will be posting a lot of sweets and savories in the course of time cooked during each festival which would help lot of people who are away from home.

I am also trying out various recipes from other blogs and of course trying out recipes from across the world like Italian pasta,pizza,Chinese noodles and cooking it to our Indian taste.


uma shankar said...

Thank you EC!

simply.food said...

Lovely to know all about you will definately drop by and visit your blog.

Priya said...

Glad to know about Uma and her blog baby...

Raksha said...

Nice to know about Uma. Will surely visit her blog.

Dr.Sameena Prathap

Hey Uma,

Good luck!!Will surely visit your blog...:)



uma shankar said...

Thank you everyone please visit me and follow me!happy blogging!

Neenu Praveen said...

happy bloggin uma..all the very best.

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