Budding blogger : Beula Thomas

Meet Beula of Eaterspot blog in the Budding blogger series..

Eaterspot was born on a weeknight when my husband and I were talking about what to eat for dinner. We were just married, and I had relocated from the US to live here in NZ. Though I work full time, I enjoy cooking after I get home from work each day. I have always been known for having an overly full schedule, so when my husband noticed that I was not repeating a dish each night, he suggested I start a food blog. So on a Thursday night in March 2010 I set up Eaterspot.

The blog has recipes that have been part of the family over the years and there are also recipes that I try for the first time. We are non-vegetarians, however I think I have cooked up more vegetarian dishes for eaterspot. I am a foodie and my husband is now a convert too, so in my spare time I enjoy reading recipes and adding them to my collection.

In 2011, my husband compiled all of my 2010 blog posts (156 recipes) and put them in a book. His hope is that I go through the recipes and edit them if required and get a recipe book published soon. I post a few times during the week, and I enjoy getting feedback, so feel free to drop a comment or two when you get time :)


Shama Nagarajan said...

nice to know about her...

Pooja V said...

nice to knw Beula

Nirankar said...

Amazing blog to follow
I would suggest to follow my all friends and family to follow his blog .
Great and readable contect provided by the blog owner.

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