Super blogger Sunday : Kamakshi from Sanctified spaces

Meet the diversely talented Kamakshi of Sanctified spaces blog in the Super blogger sunday series..She writes about temples, food, craft and so many general topics..Its a pleasure to know more about her..She has been blogging for a little more than 2 years now and has a unique style of expressing in her writeups..Read more about her

EC: Tell us something about yourself 
Kamakshi: Well basically I am a Pantheist. I worship nature in her every form. This is me in its truest sense! If this is too vague, I have also worked in IT companies in the marketing side. I was into corporate
communication and was the editor of a newsletter too. After marriage I took a break and now my blog has kept me going. My other interests include traveling, reading, writing alternative cinema and nature. Like R.K Laxman says “the common crow is really an uncommon bird”, the common crow never ceases to amaze me!

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging

Kamakshi: Well I think the sole reason why I started my blog was because of my mom. I used to accompany her to so many temples and I myself got interested in the architecture and the icons in the temples. I also enjoy the sylvan surroundings in a temple. I just love the temple trees. I can gaze at a tree for hours and not get tired of it. I started documenting my visits in my space. Of course food is an intrinsic part of our lives and I started blogging about it too. In fact the subtext of my blog reads “A slice of culture, with temples and food at its centre”. My blog is a blend of food, temples, and interior décor. So you can call mine a hybrid blog. I really hope this genre pans out well for me!

I started blogging on November 25 2008. I have completed two years. I have really enjoyed the friends my blog has roped in for me. I have to thank my husband M2 who liberally helps me with cooking. He is such an intuitive cook. I have even featured his recipe recently.

My food posts are essentially home style south Indian vegetarian cooking. It is basically everyday food and festival food. To think of it I think temples and food make a perfect pairing. Right from pongal to kesari all our food is an offering to the divine. Where ever there is a Krishna temple, a variety of sweet innovation takes place beckoning the lord to partake our offering. Hence I have used the icon of Udupi Krishna in my blog. Food and temples really highlight our culture. This has also become a channel for me to explore my own faith.

EC: How do you think blogging has changed your life?

Kamakshi: Blogging has opened up a world of opportunities for me. I now try out so many different recipes.One of my favourite recipe is Pomegranate rasam from Saffron Trail. My family simply loves this recipe.I have also made so many friends it’s an adventure by itself. I used to feel bored because I quit working. But blogging has kept me fully occupied. I do not miss my newsletter days so much now. These days when people ask me what I do, I tell them that I’m a food and temple blogger. This blog has totally helped me to reinvent myself.

EC: You have met a few food bloggers in Chennai..tell us something about your experience

Kamakshi: The blog meets are wonderful. It’s really amazing to see the blogger in person. I never for once felt that I was meeting a blogger for the first time. It’s like I have always known the bunch for a long time. I really look forward to the banter, cheer, giggles, gifts and food. It is an awesome experience. I think only after the blog meet people knew about my existence in the blog world.

EC:  Your blog covers so many topics like temple visits, crafts, recipes and general write-ups..Which topic u enjoy the most?

Kamakshi: Like I said earlier you could call my blog a motley crew of posts traversing various genres. I really hope my readers can appreciate this diversity. Currently I enjoy doing posts on interior decor. My new home is coming up and my head is full of new décor ideas for my new home.

EC: Your plans for "Sanctified spaces" in the coming year?

Kamakshi: Mine is going to be a work in progress. I want to do more food posts which I have not been able to because of my bad back. My mom is a great cook so I want to feature her recipes. I also need to categorize my posts and maybe host an event. I also feel really humbled for being featured in this space. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe 

Kamakshi: One of my favourite recipe would be the Ridge gourd chutney. And this tastes delectable along with kootu.


Sanctified Spaces said...

Hey thanx so much Suchitra.This is a dream come true for me.Thank you for making it a reality.

Santosh Bangar said...

hi ur post is very encouraging to peopple like me i also pass my good time in blogging ur recipe is very delicious as ur answers regarding other topics

PJ said...

Nice to know about kamakshi.Heading to her space now :)

Priya said...

Nice to know more about Kamakshi...

sanjeeta kk said...

Best wishes, Kamakshi.

Sanctified Spaces said...

Thanx All.

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