Budding blogger: Reva

Meet Reva of Kaarasaaram blog in the Budding blogger segment..dont forget to check out her recipes featured in the media..

She says -

I am Reva [short form of Revathi], a true Coimbatorean [TamilNadu] and a Doctor by profession. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who was my classmate, my friend and now we share our lives together and our 2yr old daughter "Laya". I am not an expert cook or even a normal cook but I am a foodie of all seasons. I love to eat dishes belonging to any cuisine or cooking style. Before I started cooking, I've always thought what was so "hard" or even "great" about cooking. Only when I started doing it myself, I realised how wrong I was. Both my parents are doctors and my mom [bless her] was very efficient at managing the household and work. Weekdays were filled with home cooked delicious food and weekends were reserved for restaurant delights.

The main reason I started blogging was my love of photography. I cannot take photographs of dishes prepared by someone else and pass it on as mine...it wont be fair, isn't it? I believe in "Quality more than Quantity" and my blog features food from my native place, Cuisines of India and the world.

Rather than saying that a dish belongs to South India or North India, I want to be a little more specific. It is because every dish represents the tradition, beliefs, culture, type of soil in that place, the weather conditions and the occupation of the people in that particular place. That it what India is all about "Unity in Diversity".
I have categorized recipes under specific labels such as "Vataara Samaiyal", "Cuisine of Kongunad" and "Journey of the Biryani" and many more to follow like "Village cooking/Herbal Traditional cooking/Food as Remedies". This is to showcase to the world the science behind our cooking style, the medicinal value of ingredients used in our recipes and how these age old recipes were evolved.

This doesn't mean I limit my culinary adventures. My favourite cuisine is Ethiopian and Thai as I feel both have so much in common to our cooking style and tastes. Recently my recipes have been published in a entertainment magazine named "Kaana Peena Gaana Naachna" for this holiday season by the "Asian Voice" newspaper which is the largest selling paper in UK and Europe.

I thanks you for reading through this introduction. It is upto experts like my fellow bloggers to say whether my dishes are good or my photographs are good.Please do visit my blog and leave your valuble comments as I am no expert in cooking or writing. Your comments will help me improve and improvise.


Priya said...

Recently i came to know about Reva's space, since its one of my fav blog, glad to know more about her..

veena krishnakumar said...

Nice to know about Reva

lata raja said...

Thank you EC for introducing someone as versatile as Reva!This series truly connects us to many blogs that we might otherwise not have stopped by, just because we do not know to find them!

Anonymous said...

thankyou all for the support...

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