Super blogger Sunday : Jayanthi of Tasty Appetite

Meet Jay aka Jayanthi of Tasty Appetite blog in the Super blogger sunday series..She has a collection of more than 250 recipes and her blog is a neat and uncluttered one. She also presents her recipes with beautiful pictures and a small description about it..With all these the reader is sure to get hooked on to her blog ..Read more about her...

EC: Tell us something about yourself and your blog

Jayanthi: I started my married life as a student. Then completed my Masters’ and Philosophy in Chemistry. Worked as College Lecturer, turned as Home Executive and Mom of two cute kids & managing all  family affairs, since my dear Hubby is busy with his profession.

In my leisure time, choose to make a record of my recipes, end up in blogging. Now blogging has become a daily event, inspired by the comments of friends, getting more confident, and on and on…..

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging 

Jayanthi: When I googled in search of new tasty recipes to delight my family, come across many of the food bloggers space.

Really amazed with their presentation and interesting recipes. In specific, I can say Spicy Tasty and Simple Indian Food.

EC:  Do you think blogging has widened your perspective and exposure?

Jayanthi: Certainly, even though we know the things, when we get acceptance and recognition from others, it gives us sense of satisfaction & excitement that fuels us for further findings.

Blogging has given me lot of friends and am getting more exposure. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their support and love..
Thank you Friends..:)

EC:  How do you think new bloggers can make their blogs popular

Jayanthi: The first thing is :

The blog should be simple with easy language, practical & self-explanatory with good clicks.
Do not leave anything for guess.
You do it and write your experience of do's and dont 's.

EC: You have posted more than 250 recipes till now..How do you manage to cook so much and what are your recipe sources ?

Jayanthi : As I said earlier, I focus on Indian especially South Indian dishes, which we commonly prepare at home. I posted my recipes over a period of time, which are tasted & enjoyed more at home by my family members.

My main sources of recipes are from my Mom and Mother-in-law.

EC:  Anything interesting that you encountered with after you started blogging

Jayanthi: If my DH is with me, he will make every moment as a interesting one...
And I can specify one moment, when I saw my blog has been selected as one of the best food blogs in Top 10 food blogs recently...:)

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Jayanthi: My favorite recipe list will be endless. ..the top among them is Vegetable Biryani.


జ్యోతి said...

Congratulations and all the best Jayanthi ...

Priya said...

Great to know more about Jayanti, love her space..

Paaka Shaale said...

Good to know so much about you jay!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

great to know aboyt yet another super blogger...which is a motivation for a budding blogger like me...

Jay said...

Thank you EC for this wonderful oppurtunity..!

Thanks Friends for all your support and love..:)
Tasty appetite

deepsrecipes said...

Hey Jay...

Looking for something

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