Pinwheel sandwich


Bread slices

Cut the corners of the bread slices. Apply a little water to one side of a bread slice and press another slice over it. Repeat for one more slice to get a long slice of bread.

Spread jam over it leaving a little space in the corners. Now roll it tightly and ensure that the ends dont open up. Tie it tightly in a cloth and keep for 15 minutes. Now cut it into rounds without breaking it.

A quick idea for kids breakfast.
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Shri said...

Very creative!

Arti agarwal said...

very nice b'fast

Priya Suresh said...

Wow so quick and yummy breakfast, kids will definitely love this!

Sanghi said...

Mm so easy yummy quick snack..! Creative EC..!

Anonymous said...

I posted a similar recipe of pinwheel sandwiches, but the savory version. I'm sure my baby will love yours more as she has a sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing.

Valarmathi Sanjeev said...

Easy and yummy snack.

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