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Meet Lani of Fig and Walnut blog in the Budding blogger series

She says -

My name is Lani, I am a cooking teacher in Australia and have just started my food blog, Fig and Walnut. I love all types of cooking, and want to share my recipes with the world! I have lots of multicultural influences in my cooking - my family is greek, my partner is Sri Lankan, my step family is Italian - cooking is in my blood. I travel to different places around the world every year to find new influences for my cooking - last year I travelled to Malaysia and China and learnt some great new recipes. This year I am off to the deep south in the USA to learn some Cajun and Creole recipes, and to Sri Lanka to pick up some short eat recipes and perfect my curries! Subscribe to my email newsletter for some exclusive recipes, or to my feed to get all my latest updates.

Fig and Walnut showcases my cooking ideas, recipes, restaurant reviews, and general food chatter that I have collected on my travels and through my work as a cooking teacher for the local council. I have a passion for baking and love to experiment with different types of breads, cakes, sweets and pastries. I am also largely vegetarian so my blog includes a special Vegetarian and Vegan section where you can view all my meat and animal product-free recipes. Though for the meat lovers I do have recipes with meat! I also often recommend meat substitutions for the vegetarians who would like to try my meat recipes.

My previous career was as a filmmaker so I love to populate my blog with lots of photos of my recipes. I am based out of both Melbourne, Australia and Phoenix, Arizona, USA throughout the year so my recipe base will  never run dry!

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