Super blogger sunday : Nandini of Nandini's Food page

Meet the talented Nandini of Nandini's Food page in the Super blogger series. She has tried various regional as well as international cuisines. The blog is nearing almost 500 recipes in a little more than 2 yrs of blogging.

EC: Tell us something about yourself

Nandini: First of all, thank you for choosing me for the interview and I’m really honoured. I am an ‘at home’ mom of two beautiful kids. My main passion is cooking healthy and tongue-tickling dishes. I’m obsessed with other activities like reading novels of the real-life and fiction genre. But ironically, my life is like that of one for I never have time to myself and have to help my children in their homework and busy with other work.

My initiation of blogging was in September 2008. At first, I started blogging my recipes on the net to share my family’s tastes with the rest of the world. Then I saw that there was a large group bloggers on the net publishing their recipes. I also found myself getting involved with other Indian food bloggers. I update depending on how interested I am and what my mood is.

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging

Nandini: I unintentionally (and accidentally) started blogging when my loving and caring husband suggested so. I developed more interest in pursuing diverse cuisines.

EC: You have been blogging for more than 2 years and nearing almost 500 recipes. Do you cook specifically for the blog? What are your plans regards your blog for the coming years?

Nandini: Precisely. On most of my posts, the photos and recipes are either actual lunch or dinner. Sometimes, I do cook specifically for the blog keeping my family in mind. Some of my recipes were learnt from my mom and some from huge collection which I’ve accumulated over the years. I plan to post more diverse recipes for the coming years after racking my brain.

EC:  Do you think blogging has widened your perspective and exposure?

Nandini: Absolutely. Blogging has changed the way we gather information. It helps you gain new techniques and understand food culture from fellow bloggers.

EC:  Have your recipes or pictures been copied anywhere without your permission? How would you deal with plagiarism?

Nandini: I had been a victim of plagiarism once in the blogging world. I got over this problem and considered it a common act happening ubiquitously. Obviously, the best way to deal with this problematic nuisance is to take necessary precautions like watermarking, copyright etc.

EC:  Have you encountered with something interesting after you started blogging?

Nandini: Interesting…Yes. There have been a lot of incidents. One of them involved my husband. My husband never mentions my blog to his friends. One day, I posted a cupcake recipe. That particular day was my hubby’s b’day. One of his friends was surfing through my blog without knowing it was mine in the beginning. He saw the date I posted the recipe and H’s b’day date. To confirm himself, he asked my husband, “Is this your wife’s blog? How was the birthday cupcake?” Then my hubby replied that I’m running the blog. This was one such interesting incident that I experienced.

EC:  Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Nandini: My favorite recipe is Falooda which I always love to guzzle. But not in this bleak season. I made my own Vanilla ice cream recipe which I actually forgot to mention in the post.

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Priya said...

Am a big fan of Nandini's cooking style and her beautiful clicks, glad to know more about her..

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