Budding blogger: Shilpi

Meet Shilpi of It is tasty Ma ! blog in the budding blogger series this week..

She says --

I was born and brought up in Bombay, India; journalism happened to me almost by accident. It was not a career that I had planned or even wanted to take up, but once I got into it I enjoyed it immensely.

Food and travel was a source of joy, something which I enjoyed during my leisure time. I also had the good fortune of doing restaurant reviews during the course of my career as a journalist. Therefore, some years back when I gave up journalism and I began to miss my first love - writing, I decided to take up food blogging in August 2010. After all it is an excellent way to combine my first love -- writing -- with my source of joy—food and travel.

The inspiration and the star of this blog is my mother. She is a passionate cook and still very active in the kitchen. We are Bengalis so obviously Bengali cuisine is what you would find on our dining table but my mum not only enjoys cooking but also likes to experiment with other cuisines as well; some of these recipes are also featured in my blog. Besides recipes I will also take my readers on a culinary journey as I try different kinds of delightful food both in Bombay as well as other towns and cities.

Hope you join me in this journey


Shilpi Bose said...

Thank you very much for featuring me in the Budding Blogger Series.

Raw_Girl said...

How exactly do you spot these budding bloggers?

EC said...

U r most welcome Shilpi

Raw_girl : I have an open invitation for such bloggers to send me their intro for publishing on my blog..

Raw_Girl said...

Cool - so how do i contact you to send you my intro? I dont see a contact us button/page....


EC said...

Definetely..Mail me a short intro abt u and your blog at easycrafts@gmail.com

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