Budding blogger: Zenobia

Meet Zenobia of RAWk Me !! in the budding blogger segment

She says--

Hello everyone. I'm Zenobia. I'm born and brought up in Mumbai and work as a writer at an eLearning company. In my free time, I run a blog on raw vegan foods.

I'm 100% vegan, and try to be as raw as is humanly possible. Coming from a largely non-vegetarian eating community in India, I've always had an uneasy relationship with meat. I knew it was bad (for a lot of reasons - You take your pick), but was too lazy to cook my own stuff and continued to go with the flow. But as I watched more and more food documentaries that are critical of our current food production practices, I finally decided to get off my behind and put my money where my mouth is.

I have always been fascinated with food - but from a distance. I loved watching people cook on TV or staring at photos online, but cooking really didnt seem up my ally - Until recently. Well, I still don't cook much. I prefer things fresh and quick to put together. So, my menus feature heavily on salads, and easy to put together meal ideas and recipes. And, since I have not been trained in cooking, so to speak, I love mixing seemingly odd flavors and foods items. My philosophy about food is - try it, what have you got to lose?! If it doesnt taste good, throw it and start all over.

Hope you all will make the time to visit my blog and give me your blessings.

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