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Budding blogger series introduces new bloggers (those blogging for less than a year) every wednesday and promotes their blogs through Simple Indian Food. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please mail me a short description about your blog, the cuisine you specialize and your objective/inspiration in blogging to easycrafts@gmail.com.

Meet Manasi of Cook with Moi..Mansi says-

This is Manasi, an architect by education and construction manager by choice. I started food blogging only recently and simply enjoy it. My food blog, Cook With Moi could be described as the brain child influenced by the movie 'Julie and Julia". I took up the challenge to prepare 306 odd recipes from my source book "Ruchira" by Smt.Kamalabai Ogale, the lady who has been an aide to most of the Maharashtrian households over 3 generations. However, I try to modify the recipes to suit modern & contemporary the taste buds.

The purpose of all this self bragging is to really appreciate your concept of featuring newer bloggers like moi-meme.

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Meena said...

awesome post as usual!

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