Budding blogger: Lata Biju

Wondering as to where I disappeared - I got really busy after settling down in my hometown. Lot of things came up at the same time and am still not ready to experiment new dishes in my kitchen..So it will take some time for me to get back to my earlier stint of posting daily on the blog and participating in events.

Meanwhile I received a lot of mails from new bloggers for the budding blogger segment on the blog. So decided to start posting about all of them one by one every day (instead of every wednesday) so that they get better and quicker exposure to other food bloggers. Beginning today, you can look forward to knowing more about some really talented new bloggers. And pls excuse me for not being able to write a personalised introduction for new bloggers due to lack of time.

Budding blogger series introduces new bloggers (those blogging for less than a year) every wednesday and promotes their blogs through Simple Indian Food. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please mail me a short description about your blog, the cuisine you specialize and your objective/inspiration in blogging to easycrafts@gmail.com.

Meet Lata Biju from Culinary Delights blog...She says -

I do not specialise in any particular cuisine but get my hands on everything that suits me and my family's liking. It ranges from Indian to chinese to continental.

My interest towards cooking started during my early college days. I liked to experiment new things whenever possible. After my wedding I had the opportunity to widen my culinary skills simply because my husband has a great taste for food. My dedication to cook only increased with time. I have learnt from others and used my own variations through these years. In this blog I am trying to bring forth recipes that I have contrived.

We moved to UK a year back. I used to browse for recipes online and one day it just struck me 'why don't I have one of my own?' I have been cooking for years and wanted to share my experiences with others in the internet world. I have to admit that I only started it as a pass time, but now cooking and blogging has become my passion.


Parita said...

Hope you settle down soon, best wishes for your new home! Keep up the good work, take care!

Meena said...

Awesome post about budding bloggers!!!Keep posting...cant wait to see the next one!

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