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Budding blogger series introduces new bloggers (those blogging for less than a year) every wednesday and promotes their blogs through Simple Indian Food. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please mail me a short description about your blog, the cuisine you specialize and your objective/inspiration in blogging to easycrafts@gmail.com.

Madhuri from Cook-curry Nook is today's featured blogger. She says -

Cook-curry Nook is a humble attempt to share and spread the love for Vegetarian Cook-a-lore.

I do not do any one particular cuisine on the blog. Im a gourmet cook-a-holic in the true sense of the word, and love to experiment with anything vegetarian. You can find an assortment of mouth-watering and scrumptious vegetarian recipes on the site.

There are some great cooks in the family, and they have always inspired me with their Cook-a-lore. Both Amma and Daddy are wonderful cooks, and all the small things I pay attention to while cooking, I have learnt from them. Right from the time I was old enough to hang around Amma's apron strings, she always told me: “Cutting vegetables is an art by itself, so learn that before you want to start cooking”. And so I did! That’s how it all began…my love story with the pots and pans, the cutlery and crockery, the tantalizing aromas and flavours, and everything there is to the Art of Cooking!

Amma and Nani (my maternal grand-mom) have scores of hand-written recipe-journals and cook-books: most of the recipes in them handed down from generations in the family, and some others from miscellaneous collections, television shows, other good cooks among family/friends, etc. I keep trying out new stuff from them and also Daddy’s hit recipes, and felt the urge to start this site to share all those interesting recipes/heirlooms handed down to me. Some of them I share may be familiar and some others, totally new. Most of the recipes on Cook-curry Nook are as healthy as it can get, however I do have my share(s) of indulging here n’ there too…after all, what is life if you cannot savour it! Cook-curry Nook therefore, is a mixed bag of the choicest of vegetarian/vegan recipes.

My ambition is to write a Cook book someday. It is the latest, raging passion swirling with gusto in my mind, and I'm ardently hoping that everything works out for it to come true!

Look forward to all the support and encouragement from all you super senior Bloggers out there. You are all doing a great job and couldn't inspire us Budding Bloggers more! Three cheers to the Food-blogger Clan! Whoop-ah!'

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much EC, for featuring me despite your busy schedule. Keep up the great work! We Budding Bloggers are ever grateful to you!

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