"Power"less cooking event Round up and my 100th Post

Thank you

For encouraging and being a part of my first event “Power” less cooking.

I am delighted to present the round up for this event as my 100th post on this blog. The dishes have been classified into categories – Main course/ Breakfast, Side Dish, Desserts and Snacks. Mix and match the posts to get your complete meal cooked without ‘Power’.

Beginning with the Starters/Snacks

Srivalli of Cooking4allseasons blog presents Hot and Crispy Onion pakodas and Karela Pakodas. These don’t require any power appliance but will surely brighten up your spirits during rainy seasons and chilly winters.

Happy cook of My Kitchen Treasures makes Masala Peanuts for the first time…they look perfect garnished with curry leaves.

Rahin of Lazzat blog gives the recipe for Fish Fry.

Sagari of Indian Home Food comes up with Stuffed bread vada…An ideal way to utilize left over potato curry and a super snack too.

Anu Sriram of Chandrabhaga shows us how to make Puffed Rice Snack, perfect snack on a lazy evening as it involves no cooking, just chopping and mixing.

Sona of A Kitchen Scientist with a white rat hubby gives us the one-line recipes for her favourite snack Moong Dal treat that can be made superfast.

Sajeeda of Chachi's Kitchen, colourful, healthy yet simple pomegranate and walnut tabouleh salad

Rajitha of Hunger Pangs Blog comes up with this super corn salad

Renuka of Fusion blog shares the recipe of cheese rice balls ...an ideal way to use leftover rice too

My contribution to the Snacks/Starters segment are Corn Kebab and Ribbon Pakoda

Now for the Main Course/Breakfast

Asha of Aroma Hope comes up with this truly different Indian Style Gazpacho and Ginger-Lemon Panaka.

Divya Karthik of Culinary Bazaar presents Jambalaya- a complete meal by itself.

Rina of Rina’s Recipes shows us how to make Pineapple Mango and Sweet Peppers Salsa

Ramya of Seena's Recipes Blog contributes to the event with Rice Puttu and Aval Puttu…very quick to make breakfast on a lazy day

All of us make rotis, but Namratha of Finger Licking Food Blog has come up with Steamed Wheat Rotis….

Sushma of Cook spot blog presents an all-veg maida omlet for an easy yet tasty breakfast.

Latha Narasimhan of Yum Blog shares the step by step instructions of stuffed gobi parathas.

Siri of Siri's Corner comes up with a simple to make Egg biryani

Mansi Desai of Fun and Food Blog has specially made Beetroot-carrot-peas curry over steamed rice for this event.

Now for the side dishes..

Nags of Cooking and Me Blog makes this simple parippu rasam…an all time favourite in south Indian households.

Rajeswari of Raks’s Kitchen presents Whole green gram dal fry…a healthy side dish for rotis as well as rice

Kalva from Curry in a Kadai blog makes this yummy dahi bhendi ….

Lissie of Salt and Spice blog comes up with Aloo Methi …. having methi the tasty way

TBC of The Budding Cook blog also makes methi for us…but as methi fenugreek dal. Wow, very different way of eating methi.

Sona from The kitchen scientist with a white rat hubby!! Blog has in store for us Super fast Ginger-tamarind Chutney. Imagine a chutney made without any grinding.

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen blog presents Carrot Mulagushyam…a specialty of Palakkad.

Arundathi of Escapades....getaways of the culinary kind blog has in store for us Chole…the evergreen side dish.

And Lavanya of Cookery Corner too comes up with Chole, but not the normal ones, its Methiwale Chole…another great way to eat methi.

Kaykat from Cooking from A to Z blog makes Southwestern Salad as a side dish for dosas…..a welcome change from the usual aloo masala for dosas.

Deeba of Passionate baker blog shares this simple and yummy yogurt dipserve.

Sudha of Bombay Bistro blog presents an easy to cook Bell-pepper carrot fry

Latha Narasimhan of Yum Blog shows us how to make thalara karamedu-a side dish for pulkas as well as rice

My contribution to the side dish segment is Akbari Paneer

And finally Sweets/Desserts

Kajal from Kajaldream blog shows us how to make Milk chocolate and Sweet Sata..sweets for all occasions

Meera of EnjoyIndianFood Blog comes up with yummy Mango Kulfi…

Ashwini of Food for thought blog makes Rasayan that doesn’t even require cooking on the gas stove.

My contribution to the sweets segment is Instant Appam made of wheat flour

I have tried my level best to compile all the entries to the event. But am sorry if i happened to miss any post or any link is wrong or missing. Please mail me at easycrafts@gmail.com to help me correct mistakes if any. Thanks again all of you for sending in all these lovely entries to the event.


Finla said...

Congrats with your 100 th post.
Round up is excelent, but i coudn't see the pictures

FH said...

Happy 100th post Ec, great round up girl. Yummy recipes. See ya in 2 weeks!:)

TBC said...

Great job and some fabulous entries but I cannot see any of the pics:-(

DK said...

wow! combining 100th post with a wonderful round up! u r something :)It was fun being a part of ur event EC...Thanks for the same :) :)

KALVA said...

Excellent Work!! How abt this month event??

AnuSriram said...

Round up made a wonderful treat... Congrats on your 100th post

Namratha said...

Awesome Easy, congrats on your 100th post as well as a fabulous round-up...nice to see so many varieties:)

Siri said...

Me too having difficulty in seeing the images EC! donno y.. Amazing intro for every recipe though!

~ Siri

Rahin said...

COngratulations !!! both for ur 100th post and an excellent round up , lovely recipes

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It is intersting to see the variety of food that can be cooked with limitations. Great roundup.

EC said...

Thanks Happy cook, TBC and Siri..not able to guess why you are not able to see the snaps..which browser do you use ???

Thanks Asha,Dhivya, Anu, Namratha,Rahin and aparna

Thanks Kalva...i do have a theme in mind, will let you know soon..thanks for the interest

Menu Today said...

Hi EC,
Congrats on your 100th Post...
Great roundup!!!! Thanks

SMN said...

Congrats on ur 100th post and keep continuing ur blog.. and very lovely and organised round up.

Meera said...

Hi EC,
Congratulations! Roundup looks wonderful. So many wonderful recipes to try!! Thanks for including my post.

Siri said...

Oh ya, now I see all these gorgeous looking recipes! Great Job EC!

~ Siri

Rajitha said...

EC..congrats on ur 100th post..and what a fantastic round-up..loved the way you made the slides and the individual pics..thnks for hosting such a fun event :)

Srivalli said...

Congrats on your 100th post and a great round up...good job!

Sagari said...

wonderfull roundup and congrats

Finla said...

I can see the pic now

Kribha said...

Congrats on your 100th post. You have done an excellent job in the round up. Too bad that I didn't email mine. Sorry about that.

Seena said...

Congrats on 100th post!
Easy, roundup looks wonderful, I liked the event name, "powerless cooking" ..:)

renuka said...

hi EC congrats on your 100th post and also on the excellent round-up

Lissie said...

EC, nice roundup! there are many good recipes...
congrats on your 100th post!

Deeba PAB said...

Hi EC...congrats on yr 100th post. How nice that it is marked by your round-up. Well done....the recipes look lovely. Cheers

Pavani said...

ooh..congrats on ur 100th post n i wish u go on...

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